Chalkboard with the phrase 'RENTAL LAW 101' written in large, bold letters, highlighting the introduction of new rental rules in South Australia.

What Are the New Rental Rules in South Australia?

Starting from 1st July 2024, South Australia will see further significant changes in its rental legislation. These changes aim to update the state’s rental laws, which haven’t seen major revisions since the introduction of the Residential tenancies act in 1995. In this article, we’ll explore what these new rental rules entail and how they will impact both landlords and tenants.

Chalkboard with the phrase 'RENTAL LAW 101' written in large, bold letters, highlighting the introduction of new rental rules in South Australia.

What Are the New Rental Rules?

South Australia has implemented several important adjustments to its rental regulations. These are part of a broader effort to balance the needs of tenants and landlords under the current housing market conditions.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • Prescribed Grounds for Termination: Landlords will need legitimate, prescribed grounds to terminate a tenancy or decide not to renew it. This means that landlords must have specific reasons, such as breaches by the tenant, plans to sell or renovate the property, or a desire to occupy the property themselves.
  • Extended Notice Periods: The notice period required to end a fixed tenancy will increase from 28 days to 60 days. This gives tenants more time to find new housing and make necessary moving arrangements, easing the transition from one property to another.
  • Pet Policies: For the first time, tenants will be allowed to have pets in their rental homes, albeit under clear guidelines set by landlords. These guidelines might include conditions like keeping pets outdoors or requirements for carpet cleaning at the end of the tenancy.
  • Protection of Tenant Information: Measures will be put in place to better protect the personal and private information of tenants.
  • Minimum Housing Standards: Rental properties will be required to meet certain minimum housing standards, ensuring better living conditions for tenants.
  • Support for Domestic Violence Victims: Additional options will be provided to support victims of domestic violence, improving their safety and security.

How Will These Changes Impact You?

For Landlords: Understanding what are the new rental rules is crucial, as they will need to adjust their management practices and ensure compliance with the new requirements. This includes adapting lease agreements, updating termination policies, and possibly making physical updates to properties to meet new standards.

For Tenants: These changes should provide greater security and more rights, improving their renting experience in South Australia. Knowing these rights can help tenants navigate their tenancies more effectively.

New tenant advice and advocacy service

The state government has also designated RentRight SA as the new Tenant advice and advocacy service. This service will assist tenants in understanding and exercising their rights. You can learn more about RentRight SA here.

For landlords and property investors, staying informed and prepared for these changes is key. If you’re looking for guidance on navigating these new rental rules or need assistance with property management, our team is here to help. Ensure your investments are compliant and that you’re providing the best possible conditions for your tenants, contact our friendly team here.