Landlord – FAQ’s

What is the selection process for tenants?

  • Potential tenants must meet certain criteria. Applications are considered for rental history, employment/income and references. The final decision is up to you as the landlord we will offer our advice based on our knowledge and experience. 

How long will it take to get a tenant into my property? 

  • We understand that your priority is for your investment property to start generating a return, therefore our goal is to get a high-quality tenant into your property as quickly as possible. We will provide you with advice and have proven strategies to make this happen. 

How do I know my property is being well cared for?

  • Our meticulous screening process and knowledge of the Adelaide rental market mean that we target high quality tenants who will care for your property. To ensure this is occurring we conduct routine inspections of the property to ensure it is being maintained to an acceptable standard and to identify any maintenance requirements. You will receive a copy of the routine inspection report following each inspection and if necessary, a team member will be in contact to discuss any issues that arise.

Do I need landlord insurance? 

  • Yes. You want to ensure you are protecting your investment, so you need to have landlord insurance. It’s worth doing the research to find the policy that best suits your needs and so that you know what you are covered for. 

What happens if my tenant is late with their rent? 

  • We have strict policies around rent arrears and act quickly to ensure that any arrears are paid as quickly as possible. We communicate with tenants via phone, email and sms to ensure the tenant is alerted to the problem and is asked to pay the arrears immediately. A member of the team will advise you if your tenant becomes late and to discuss an action plan moving forward. 

What happens if the cost of repairs is higher than they bond?

If a vacating tenant leaves your property in need of repairs exceeding the value of the bond, you will need to apply for an order to recover the necessary amount needed to carry out the repairs. You will need proof of the damages and will need to provide any correspondence or conversations with the tenants for the tribunal hearing, we can help you through the process. You may also be able to claim the damages on your landlord’s insurance.