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Property Management

Experts in Property Management

Are you looking for an experienced, fully qualified and dedicated manager for your property?

Look no further

Amkar Real Estate agents are experts in property management throughout Adelaide, dedicated to ensuring your property is always rented, has reliable tenants and is well maintained. Our agents are specialist property managers who work to make managing your property much easier and stress free.

Property management can be a lot more involved than you might think. Amkar Real Estate’s experienced team undertake regular training to enable them to deliver an unbeatable service in regards to owner/tenant relations and in accordance with the residential tenancies act. This means you’ll enjoy peace of mind whilst the team at Amkar work to manage your property better than anyone else.


Free Appraisal

At Amkar, we offer a free and honest market appraisal for your property to ensure your investment is rented out quickly at the right price.


Amkar agents know the best ways to effectively market your property to help you achieve the right price for your property. We tailor the marketing to each individual property.

Rent Collection

Our agents carefully monitor and ensure all rents are paid on-time, saving you the stress and headaches of chasing-up default payments. Amkar Real Estate has NO rental arrears.

Tenant Screening

The screening of tenants for your rental property is a very important process and can be time consuming. Your Amkar agent will save you time and perform all due diligence to screen references therefore ensuring you have reliable and quality tenants suited to your property.


Taking care of your property is of the utmost importance to our agents. They will attend to all maintenance of your property, using their database of reliable and reputable tradespeople and professionals saving you money and time.

The Law

A single mistake can cost you weeks or months in lost rent. Amkar agents are fully trained and licensed to understand residential tenancy laws and know both the landlord & tenant obligations. In the case of a dispute your agent will attend tribunal on your behalf and know how to best deal with the situation.

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