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Amal Khodair-Vemana, licensee & managing director, started her company in 1999 after working for nearly a decade in the industry and as a temp in some of South Australia’s largest real estate companies. In 1999 Amal decided it was time for her to go out on her own and by starting her business from the corner of her living room whilst raising two young children, Amal was able to build a dedicated & loyal client base from nothing.

Unlike most agents, Amal’s expansion into sales was purely due to popular demand from her landlords who were so highly impressed by the way she single handily was able to manage their investment properties with integrity & precision. Her tenants were also so impressed with Amal’s brilliant work ethics that many of them too became her clients. Through professionalism and a high emphasis on ethical principles, Amal has established her boutique agency as one of the most reputable & reliable in South Australia.

As a boutique agency, Amkar’s fully licensed team work together on all projects. Amkar’s formula for success is a combination of its team member’s greatest strengths. Amkar combines Amal Khodair-Vemana’s 25 years’ worth of experience and traditional values in the real estate industry along with the vibrant and innovative techniques her vibrant new team add to the mix. This creates the perfect balance of ethical principles, traditionally proven techniques and innovative marketing skills that are implemented into every Amkar project.

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Why choose a boutique agency?

Locally Owned & Operated

Unlike the larger international and national franchise style agencies, Amkar Real Estate is locally owned and operated. Our principles and work ethics are based on the South Australian market and on what South Australians need.

Family Attitude

As a boutique agency, at Amkar Real Estate we have the ability to take a more personal approach in dealing with our clients rather than the standard approach often taken by larger agencies who need their employees to conform to a specific structure.

We have a high emphasis on understanding each and every client’s personal and professional circumstances along with their specific objectives. As we do not overload our books, we are in a position to provide our prospective & existing clients with close attention to detail and we customise our approach to help them achieve their desired outcome.


Our clients are benefiting from interacting with the same individuals at all times. There is no waste of time and energy on any side. There is no hiding behind a larger brand, the system, procedural or internal Agency arrangements (sales/leasing-administration). Communicating is done directly, with actual people and without repeating or exchanging messages with faceless departments. The instructions, promises and concerns are easily traceable and the possibility of miscommunications or misunderstanding is greatly reduced.

Quicker Response Time

The operations in bigger agencies are more departmental often making specific processes more controlled and less flexible. That can result in unnecessary delays, slower reaction time or inability to provide personalised customer service. Boutique agencies like Amkar are able to respond more quickly, whether we are talking about improvement of the service, change in the instructions or handling an emergency or complaint.

Client Focused

Rather than having a large volume of business with constant changes in clientele (revolving door effect), we pay more attention to existing clients and ensure their repeat business. We are passionate about real estate and believe in rewarding client loyalty and encouraging long term business relationships. Many of the larger franchises put an emphasis on generating listings rather than giving a quality service. At Amkar our emphasis is on quality of service over quantity of listings.


As a boutique agency, Amkar is able to quickly take advantage of the most advanced and innovative techniques & technology in selling, leasing & buying. Unlike the large franchises where changes would take time to implement, we can quickly make innovative changes to the way we do business.

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