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EBM RentCover

As your professional Agent , we understand that our over-arching responsibility is to maximize cash flow for the client, and to protect the value of the asset. Part of that responsibility includes aligning with the appropriate product and service providers to assist us in achieving these objectives. Landlord insurance is a vital part of this process. Protection of your asset is important – since you are tenanting the property, it’s vitally important that you consider specialist landlord insurance protection. A specialist policy will provide you with the right level of protection against tenant related losses. It’s important to note that insurance policies issued by banks and major insurers often fall well short of the protection provided by a specialist landlord insurer. Amkar Real Estate are accredited Distributors for EBM RentCover – as one of the largest providers of specialist landlord insurance in Australia, EBM RentCover has been protecting landlords around Australia for 25 years, and has been underwritten by QBE for over 20 years, testament to the strength and stability of the cover. For further information, visit the